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Moving to London? Here’s What to Pack to Survive the Weather All-Year Round

Every Millenial’s fantasy is to live in the king’s city, “London.” It’s a city of diversity, dreams and drama – who would not love to live there? If you are travelling one time, you pack a little of this and a little of that, but when you are moving to another country or city, especially London, you need to pack properly for each season.

What’s the Weather Like in London?

When students move to London for studies or travel there for work, they face difficulties dealing with the frequent climate change. For instance, summers in London are generally short and pleasant. On the other hand, winters bring long foggy nights, typically chilly, windy, and cloudy.

London’s latitude expressively impacts the daylight you get year-round, regardless of the season. As soon as the calendars change back in October, the days become noticeably shorter, and you’ll frequently find yourself driving in the dark to morning lessons. If you’re from a sunny country, you might find the lack of light and the cold nights bothersome. After all, it’s natural to feel depressed if you don’t get enough direct sunlight because the warmth affects our emotions.

On the contrary, summer days can feel almost overly long since the sun comes up around 4 am and doesn’t set until well after 9 pm. Sleep is essential, irrespective of how remarkable it may be to see the sun after a long winter! Fortunately, there are solutions to these difficulties, such as using blackout curtains in the summer months and getting outside in the sunlight in the winter. Although those blackout curtains would make you more comfortable, the next thing you’d know, you might be missing your 9 am lecture. Oops!

The Solution?

Since we are a UK-based academic writing service provider, we know how immigrant and national students suffer academically because of the weather. The students here often look for help, and their search ends with our dissertation writing service in London. After all, we not only provide writing assistance but also help them to fight the challenges they face daily.

So, based on our experience working with immigrant students, we put together a guide on what to pack when moving to London.

The key to surviving when travelling to London is to be prepared for anything. The weather in the United Kingdom is famous for being unpredictable, and weather reports are extremely unreliable. So even in summer, you can expect cold, grey nights, whilst winter can provide unexpected sunshine and even a little warmth. Besides, we don’t want our potential clients to be confused about their wardrobe in a new city!

The London packing tips we have gathered for you will also work for visiting other cities and parts of the UK any time of year, with some more items being required in the autumn and spring seasons.

Different Seasons of London and What to Pack for Them

The Seasons of Blooming Flowers – Spring

After the grey, cold nights and flaky lazy days of winter, the year starts with the blooming of flowers and bears waking up from hibernation. Spring is the season of love, life, hope, and growth. However, in London, it’s slightly different; unfortunately, the city has to deal with non-stop rain, especially in spring. The weather can change in hours. From one warmer day, it can quickly turn chilly and damp.

The Spring season in London starts early from mid-February and carries on until the end of May. However, now that the world is facing climate change, the days get warmer and longer by the end of the spring season, making it apparent everyone should be ready for summers. The

Note: The usual weather forecast for London temperature in spring is not more than 16 degrees, with heavy rainfall.

Packing Tips

It is spring season in London, yet you will need some layers of clothing to survive the cold breeze. And since you’d be living there permanently, you need more stuff.

Pack your bag with long-sleeved sweaters, rain boots, and trench coats. The latter is a must because, after all, you live in London, and you must look like Royalty. Additionally, pack a handful of bottoms, hoodies, cardigans and jackets. Finally, don’t forget an umbrella!

The Season of Sunshine and Fizzy Drinks – Summer

Summer season around the globe is celebrated with picnics at the beach, BBQ nights, having fizzy drinks with friends and dancing in the monsoon rains. And in London, people are more than thrilled to have a few months of warm, sunny days.

The summer season is the best to visit London, but since you are migrating to the city, you should know this is the season when the city sees most tourists. It’s a welcoming season, and if you plan a picnic at the beach with your classmates, you better pack a nice pair of shorts to match your flip-flops.

London will surprise you with the unpredictable weather. July is the warmest month of the season whereas June is the sunniest and in August you should expect rain. However, you can expect rain any day when living in London.

Note: A usual summer day is long with warm temperatures that go up around 21°C to 33°C degrees and lower to around 15°C.

Packing Tips

The first thing to pack for summer is your t-shirts and PJs. Add flats, sunglasses, frill dresses, light-weight jackets, crop tops, jeans and a comfortable pair of shoes to put cute looks every day.

Additionally, keep sunscreen, dry shampoo, cooling towels, and deodorant wipes.

The Season of Falling Leaves – Autumn 

People usually go to London in the summers, but the best season of the year in London is autumn. It’s an ideal time for you to see the city since you’ll be moving to the city and want to tour it. So, the months of September, October, and November are great for sightseeing. In these autumn months, crowds thin out because of the changing seasons, and the days are long enough to get a good amount of activities done before the day ends.

Moreover, what’s delightful about this season are the leaves, changing colours, and fallings out of the trees, adding an extra bit of character to the city.

London sees a range of weather conditions in the autumn season when September and October give a little summery vibe but equally get pretty chilly as the night falls. And when November comes, it’s all grey, cold, and freezy.

For autumn, you don’t need a much heavy wardrobe. But you will require extra layers of clothes when going out at night.

Note: The season temperatures go high up to 16?, dropping to around 10? – telling everyone to prepare for winter.

Packing Tips

You will need a chic jumpsuit, long coats, knee boots, a vinyl jacket, handbags, backpacks, and wide-leg trousers. Male students can add wide jeans too. Finally, don’t forget the rain and the winter jacket.

The Season of Blue, Bitter and Cold Nights – Winter

Alright, now listen to us; who doesn’t love winters? No matter how harsh, blue, and cold the nights get, everyone loves winters. Or is it just us? We hope not!

Winter is when you get to wear your bobble hats, mittens, and that fur coat you brought after fighting your mother. And if you are coming from a sunny country, you’d love the London winter nights.

When the temperature drops below the freezing point, you should avoid getting out. However, going to lectures in the winter morning and having that sip of coffee can be the most amazing feeling ever! Winter in London lasts three months; December, January and February. Winters in London are famous for being uncomfortable, windy, and wet. If you are not a winter person, you might feel miserable throughout the cold.

During this season, days get shorter, and you hardly see any sunshine. However, don’t lose hope because the streets are brightened with Christmas lights!

London can get a little cold, but don’t be scared because It’s lovely and festive, and there are tons of cosy dinners, fascinating art galleries to visit, and a snowman to cheer you up. Plus, you can even go skiing in Scotland during your winter vacations.

Note: The average high temperature in London between the months of December to February stays as high as 9°C, and the average low is 1°C.

Packing Tips

Ohh boy! You will need a lot of clothes if you are not a winter person. You’ll need your leggings, jogging bottoms and jeans, and a long-sleeved top as a must for the starters. Don’t forget to pack cardigans, hoodies, those zip-up jackets, and a raincoat. You cannot survive without hats, scarves, and gloves, either. Last but not least, invest in thermals if you get too cold.

Concluding Tips

We know moving to another city can be a little overwhelming, and the stress can make your studies suffer, especially your research. But whenever you feel like giving up on your course or research, you can count on our dissertation writing help in London. We guarantee you the maximum result rate at affordable prices. You can always reach out to us for guidance!