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Moving to Manchester? Here’s What to Pack to Survive the Weather All-Year Round

Planning to study in Manchester? Well, you can expect many great things from the city, especially as a football fan. It is home to two of the biggest football clubs in the world, i.e., Manchester City and Manchester United. The city also has some of the best universities in the world, including the University of Manchester, University of Salford, Manchester Metropolitan University, and the University of Bolton.

But, before you start packing your bags, you should be aware of the weather in Manchester. It’s quite chilly here most of the year, and if you are not used to such conditions, you might have to make some preparations. So, in this post, we’ll discuss all seasons in Manchester and what you need to pack to survive them.


In Manchester, the weather during spring is quite pleasant. Even though the temperature can go down to single digits more often than not, there’s enough sunshine throughout the day. Spring and summer are the best seasons if you visit the city as a tourist. During the daytime, you can expect the temperature to be around 10-16°C.

But, during the night, it can get quite cold as the temperature can drop to 4-3°C. Precipitation during the spring is also slightly lower compared to other seasons. You can expect sudden showers, so you should always have an umbrella. The spring season starts in March and ends in May. Expect 5-7 rainy days every month during spring.

What to Pack

Even though the weather is quite pleasant and comfortable, you have to pack the following items:

  • Umbrella: Rain is going to be your arch-nemesis in Manchester. So make sure you’re prepared for it.
  • Sunglasses: To enjoy the occasional sunny day, you should carry a cool-looking pair of sunglasses.
  • Warm Clothes: Springs aren’t super chilly in Manchester. However, if you are sensitive to cold, you should carry warm clothes.


This is probably the best season you’ll experience in Manchester. You can get a break from the chilly weather and enjoy the sun. The temperature remains moderate, ranging between 20-22°C during the daytime. While showers are a menace during other seasons, the rainy days are quite nice in summers. You’ll experience 6-7 rainy days every month. Summer normally lasts between June and August. You can also expect unusually warm and dry days during this season when high precipitation and the temperature hits 30°C.

During other seasons, the temperature is quite common to drop to single digits at night. However, in summer, it’s moderately cold during the night because the temperature is around 14-12°C.

What to Pack

Because it rains every month of the year, carrying an umbrella is necessary. However, don’t forget to pack the following items as well:

  • Light Clothes: You can ditch your jackets and sweaters for lightweight t-shirts and shirts as the temperature is quite warm and dry with high precipitation.
  • Water bottle: As summers are quite hot and dry in Manchester, you will sweat a lot. In that case, you should carry an insulated water bottle with you for hydration.


During autumn, the weather remains pretty comfortable for most locals and international students. This season starts in September and ends in November. During these months, you can expect the overall daytime temperature to be around 10-16°C, with November being the chilliest. As expected, during the night, the temperature can drop down to 10°C  or even 4°C. Precipitation is high, and you won’t see many sunny days during this season.

There will also be 4-6 rainy days every month. However, showers during autumn are more intense with strong winds. Therefore, it’s not the best season for outdoor activities. Luckily, in Manchester, you can participate in many indoor activities.

What to Pack

As it rains the most during winters, apart from carrying an umbrella, pack the following items as well:

  • Raincoat: Sometimes, the rain is too much for your umbrella. If you want to keep your clothes dry, wear a raincoat before heading out during days when rain is expected.
  • Rain Shoes or Covers: If you want to protect your expensive footwear from rain, you should also carry a waterproof shoe cover with you. You can also pack a pair of rain shoes.
  • Waterproof Luggage Cover: If you walk or ride a bicycle to college, you will have to keep your bag safe from unexpected rain. So, don’t forget to pack multiple waterproof covers for your bags and luggage.
  • Rain Pants: During extremely windy showers, rain pants can be quite useful.


This is the toughest season to visit Manchester. You will have to stay indoors as much as possible as winters are not only extremely chilly in Manchester, but you will also be bothered by strong cold winds. This season lasts between December and February.

Temperatures are normally in single digits and often go negative as well. During snowy days, you can expect the temperature to be around -1 to -5°C. The lowest ever temperature recorded during winters in Manchester is -12°C. Over the winter season, you can expect around 10 snowy days and 5-7 rainy days every month.

What to Pack

To survive winters, it’s important to carry the following types of clothes and accessories:

  • Jacket or Coat: Winters are extremely cold in Manchester, and you will also have to deal with snowy days occasionally. So, carrying a thick leather or puffer jacket can keep you warm. During extreme conditions, you can opt for furry jackets as well.
  • Warm Pants: You also have to keep your legs warm. So, you can wear leg warmers under your pants or opt for warm pants.
  • Socks: Socks are necessary for every season, but during winters, you should opt for woollen ones.
  • Warm Clothes and Accessories: Not every indoor area will have a heater running. So, under your jacket or coat, you should wear warm clothes like sweaters and fleece shirts. You should also carry gloves and ear muffs with you.


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