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Moving to Northern Ireland? Here’s What to Pack to Survive the Weather All-Year Round

Are you moving to Northern Ireland to complete your higher studies? Good choice! Northern Ireland is home to some of the best universities in the world, including St Mary’s University, Queen’s University, Stranmillis University College, and Ulster University. This country lies in the moderate climate zone, so precipitation levels are almost the same for all seasons in every territory. However, cities in the country’s western region are more prone to rain than in the eastern region.

The overall weather in Northern Ireland is not very lively. Most days are cloudy and dull in many parts of the country. You will rarely witness sunny days. There’s also a lack of daylight hours.

So, if you are planning to move to Northern Ireland for studies or work, what should you pack in your bag? Here’s a season-wise guide on what items you should carry with you to survive the all-year-round weather in Northern Ireland.


The weather during March (the start of the spring season) is moderately cold. However, strong winds might bother you during this season, especially if you’re living in the western and eastern regions of the country. However, in these conditions, precipitation levels are normally a lot lower. Because the central region mostly has plains where the cold air comes first, the temperature there is comparatively lower. In April and May, the temperature starts increasing. In these months, the average temperature in the country is around 14°C.

Compared to other regions, you will observe more sunny days if you live in the coastal areas of Northern Ireland. During this season, you will witness beautiful vegetation, including blossoming flowerbeds reminding you of Wordsworth’s or Frost’s poems. Even though there are multiple rainy days this season, it’s a great time to visit Northern Ireland.

What to Pack

Umbrella: It rains quite frequently in Ireland, almost every month of the year. So, make sure you are carrying multiple windproof umbrellas with you.

Jet Lag Pills: As daytime hours are a lot fewer in Northern Ireland compared to other parts of Great Britain, you might have issues managing your jet lag. However, prescribed pills can help you quickly get used to the unusual daytime hours.

Waterproof Case: In Northern Ireland, you can’t do without waterproof cases for your electronics. So, make sure you have a waterproof case for your phone, laptop, and other electronic accessories.


Summers are moderately warm in all regions of Northern Ireland. The amount of sunny days depends on the region you’re living in. However, there are fewer daytime hours compared to other parts of Great Britain. You’ll witness frequent rains with the sky being partly cloudy. During summers, you can expect 13-16 rainy days every month. Summer is the best time to visit for tourists as the weather is almost perfect. Temperature ranges between 17°C and 21°C. But, it gets quite cold at night, and even indoors, you’ll need a blanket to keep yourself warm. As a student, it’s also a great time to get involved in outdoor activities at your university.

What to Pack

Lightweight clothes: You don’t have to wear jackets or any other type of thick clothes in summer. The temperature is mildly warm. Depending on the region you’re living in, you might also experience a few sunny days. A nice lightweight t-shirt or shirt can be the perfect outfit for you.

Waterproof Bag or Cover: If you can find a waterproof bag, it’s great! Because, during this season, it can rain up to 16 times every month. However, you can also carry multiple waterproof bag covers to protect your documents and electronic devices from waiting.


Autumn is not a great season, especially for those who prefer daylight. You can expect around 5 to 6 daytime hours during spring and summer. Unfortunately, during autumn, daytime hours reduce even further. It gets quite early, and if you are not used to such unusual weather, you might get sick. The sky is often crowded with heavy clouds, and you can expect frequent windy rains.

During October, the temperature gets even lower (13°C in southern regions and 10°C in northern regions). Belfast, the country’s capital, is often covered in fog with no sign of the sun for weeks. You’ll also experience strong winds in some regions. The last month of autumn is also not a good time to visit Northern Ireland because it is dark and the humidity is also on the higher side. Moreover, the eastern and northern coasts often experience strong storms. During this time of the year, staying inside is the best thing to do.

What to Pack

Raincoat: You will need a windproof umbrella to survive windy rains and storms. Moreover, you should wear a durable raincoat whenever you head out.

Torch: During fog, it isn’t easy to see what’s in front of you. Carrying a torch can be useful on dark and foggy nights.


Winters are not too extreme in Northern Ireland compared to other parts of Great Britain. The temperature is not too low. However, despite the mild conditions, this season might feel a little harsh to someone who has not experienced such weather. It rains constantly, and the air is also very humid. Also, fogs and strong winds make winters in Northern Ireland even more uncomfortable.

The lowest temperature recorded in this country is 1°C. It rains up to 18 times every month. While you rarely experience snow, snowdrifts are becoming more common these days.

What to Pack

Waterproof Jacket: You must wear a thick leather or puffer jacket to survive the cold weather here. But, if you can find a waterproof jacket, it’ll be very useful as you won’t have to carry a raincoat.

Long Waterproof Boots: Wear long waterproof boots to keep your feet safe from cold and rain. Also, it’s a good idea to opt for normal winter shoes and wear a plastic waterproof shoe cover.


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